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“Alexa, what are the benefits of deploying AI in healthcare?”

“Hello, Shabbir. Here is the following like you asked.”

Everyone knows about how AI has left no stone unturned in transforming every sector under the sun, how it’s the next best thing since sliced bread or print for that matter. But do you, yes you there, sitting on the chaise longue reading the Wall Street Journal from your iPad, know how Artificial Intelligence is going to put healthcare into gear? I didn’t think so.


artificial intelligence in healthcare


  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – I Need Robo Docs, Stat!

Oh yeah, you read that correctly, you can quit skimming over the point every once in a while. Robot Doctors are real and authentic healthcare artificial intelligence solutions that have scope beyond what the average human psyche can fathom.

Robot doctors are all the rage right now. The practical use of these intelligent machines is endless. Pioneering hospitals are configuring surgical AI-powered robots to do their bidding and perform surgeries unparalleled to even the most qualified and adept surgeon. These kinetically high-powered and inclined automatons can be modified as per the nature of the surgery to be performed and hence can either be fully or semi-automated.

Robots mobilised for dentistry can take lead in a dental procedure without external supervision or human vigilance. Moreover, transport nurse bots employed to manoeuvre hospital corridors dispatch medical supplies promptly are also strategically stationed to proffer recovery and consultation.

The genesis of robotic surgeries not only cuts costs but favours both practitioners and patients by integrating medical history and real-time data whilst operations and clawing through old records for effectuating surgeries of similar kinds.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Time for Diagnosis 

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare can effectively arrange and classify data based on previously exposed stimuli belonging to the same set. This is where machine learning steps in because where prescriptive diagnostics and analytics is concerned even a robot− a highly classified algorithm− needs merit points and straight A’s.

AI programs have been proved to deliver speedy, accurate and foolproof results 1000 x faster than human experts and doctors in the concerned field. AI-enabled algorithms possess abilities that typically heighten when made to point-out diseases from image-based test results.

One such incurable illness which sets itself apart from all the others is cancer. Cancer requires early detection, red flags and warning signals for a correct diagnosis, based on thorough evaluation of data and not just assumptions, to champion a pre-mature surgery and mitigate cancer at its first sighting and undeveloped stage.

Artificial intelligence healthcare applications such as enabling smart diagnostics can be incorporated to evaluate images and MRI scans resulting in an 87% precision rate.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – “So, two of these red ones every dawn?” “Precisely.”

What you just witnessed is a specimen of precision medication − my personal favourite in the category artificial intelligence impact on healthcare. Can I get a show of hands for the times that you have been prescribed a med and you’ve ended up with a bad case of diarrhoea or regurgitation because it didn’t suit you?; a whole new set of problems accompanying the first.

Good timing because precision medication is here to save the day. By dispensing the most fitting treatment after examining the patient’s medical records, hereditary information and lifestyle; precision medication is blowing the roof with meticulous results. The patient’s unique characteristics and behavioural paradigm are important building blocks of such data.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions are cannonaded with an overload of information, medical files, databases and history and they all either collect dust in archives and manila folders or become a caterpillar’s filling, vintage meal. Smart AI-driven reinforcements are deft at delving into such an expanse of information by perusing patients’ medical history and thus dictating the probability of the patient abiding by the prescription.


  • Healthcare ft. AI

Artificial intelligence will redesign healthcare soon making it the new normal until something better emerges. For now, however, it is not going to overthrow human doctors and paramedic teams because no matter how much the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) or the golden tech age advances, doctors − human ones, with a heartbeat and illegible penmanship will always function as a co-existential, dynamic unit, in tandem with artificial intelligence and healthcare and immortal in their job roles.


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